Much of the information found in this category was presented at the 2012 Washington School Counselors Association Conference.  While the presentation focused on School Counselors I have modified the content so that it is applicable to students, parents, teachers and counselors.  As I learn of new tools I will be updating this section.  You can view the original presentation here.

Google Apps

Microsoft Tools

Tech Tools


How Can Technology Benefit Our Students?

  1. Technology can accelerate, enrich and deepen basic skills.
  2. Technology can be a tool for motivating and engaging students.
  3. Technology can be a link to between academics and emerging practices in professional fields
  4. Technology can increase the viability of students in the work force…workers fluent in technology will make the workplace more effective, increase productivity and help ensure competitiveness in a global economy.
  5. Technology can strengthen teaching because it allows teachers to adjust and adapt the system to meet diverse student needs by focusing on student-centered learning
  6. Technology can be a catalyst for change in schools allowing students to see the connection between real life and schoolwork.

Salpeter, J. (1998). Taking stock: What’s the research saying? Technology and Learning, 18 (9), 24-25, 28-30, 32, 34, 36, 40.


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