About Me

I was born in India and adopted when I was six months old.  I moved to the Seattle area in August of 1981 where I have lived primarily ever since.  After graduating from high school I took a full time job at Nordstrom and moved to San Diego and then Portland with the company as I worked my way up in shoe department management. Ultimately, I longed to go to college so I moved back to Bellevue and enrolled in Bellevue Community College.  From there I transferred to the University of Washington where I got my BA in Psychology.  After graduating from UW I headed to Seattle Pacific University to get my Master in Education in School Counseling.  While at SPU I worked at Chief Sealth International High School as a ninth grade tutor in an AVID classroom.  I also did my practicum work at Sealth my second year at the school.  During my third year at SPU, I moved to Garfield High School where I conducted my internship and ran their after-school tutoring program.  My various positions and experiences have all shaped who I am becoming as a professional school counselor and I cannot wait to find out what the next part of my journey will hold in store.

Outside of school my hobbies include:

Spending time with my husband and our cat Lucy.

I also love to read, craft, cook, spend time with friends, go to new restaurants and drink hot chocolate!

Update 10/4/2015:

I now enjoy spending time with my husband, our two kids and our cat Lucy!


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