AVID, Advisory, & ASCA, oh my!

Recently I was approached to take the lead on a few of school initiatives, none of which are small.  I have decided to take on advisory first.  Putting on my research hat I dived into the journal article and published documents surrounding the topic.  To my surprise I found a few really great reads that have helped me get started.  Advisory Programs in High School Restructuring is designed to help help school leaders assess they’re current advisory model, or in cases like mine, ask the essential questions to get the conversation started.  The commentary that supports the essential questions being posed provide insight that is hard to garner when I myself do not have the same role as a teacher.

I think I would be remiss if this article suggests that advisory is necessary because counselor case loads are beyond a reasonable capacity.  I mention this because there has been resistance to advisory because we are asking teachers to do the counselors job.  I understand the sentiment, but with ASCA making a recommendation of 250 students and out caseload reaching 500, something has got to give. We have reached capacity and the demands are becoming even greater.

The other resource I found to be of great value  was a PowerPoint put out by the West Virginia Department of Education titled Types of Advisory/Advisory Purpose.  This PowerPoint covers the different types of advisory models a school can implement and I believe it will help staff in the decision making process.

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